Mapping Amsterdam’s AI – Health innovation Ecosystem

In collaboration with the Unknown group, we mapped the innovation ecosystem of data sciences and artificial intelligence (AI) in health, specifically in the hotspots of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the Netherlands. In the healthcare domain, data sciences and AI technology are becoming increasingly important to improve the healthy life of people. We see a growing number of initiatives, parties and business that have the common goal to improve active and healthy ageing, prevent or reduce time spent ill by using data sciences and AI.

Is your data & AI healthcare organisation already on this map?

The diagram focuses on five pillars that form the basis of the data sciences and AI in health ecosystem. Below the diagram you can view highlighted businesses that already offer a solution for the health domain based on the use of data sciences and/or AI. The diagram shows the unmet needs and existing opportunities in the current ecosystem. To go to the interactive map, click here. 


This contributes to the Metropolian region Amsterdam becoming the European Life Sciences & Health hub.