Look differently, act differently

Look differently act differently

The Metropolis of Tomorrow

How will we relate to each other in the Metropolis of Tomorrow? Who will take ownership? What is our influence as residents? How are we going to work together differently? Where will it hurt and who will feel that pain?

Bold choices are needed to shape the region, where every resident matters. This will take everyone’s energy and brain power.

It is time to look and act differently, by rethinking and engaging with all stakeholders. It sounds simple, but it requires a big change from academia, government, civil society organisations and businesses.

The call

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area faces major challenges. We must make choices. Must do what is necessary. We call on everyone in the region to look and act differently.

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Look differently?

We want to be a region of inclusive prosperity – a region where work and life are good for everyone. Making the choices needed to achieve this requires boldness and courage. When we break down the barriers between governments, businesses, social partners and academia, there will be a better balance between growth and liveability.

Looking differently also means rethinking things. Looking at problems and possible solutions from new angles. Looking together with the people involved, who take a different approach than the usual. Especially when that is difficult.

Act differently?

Acting differently means getting started differently. Making choices and decisions, in partnership with all stakeholders. Choices aimed at achieving prosperity for all.

Social initiatives deserve more space, trust and support from both governments and businesses. With the government taking mostly a facilitating role.

Interviews and background

It is time for a new perspective. A fundamentally different way of working together, based on inclusive prosperity. That calls for bold choices and innovation.

Read interviews with partners about Look differently, act differently What’s their take on this?

Get started

Challenge your own initiatives and ways of working by looking at them from the perspective of the nine principles of Look differently, act differently.

Decide which are relevant for you and what that would mean for your plans and activities.

Examples of what is needed and possible for the Metropolis of Tomorrow

An initiative working with farmers, businesses, residents and civil society on creating a beautiful, green, accessible, future-proof and productive landscape in the Metropolitan Amsterdam Area. The city on your doorstep is a great market for high-quality food. supplied by local businesses. A nature-inclusive productive landscape offers residents a nearby green oasis. A green landscape can help solve frightening environmental and climate challenges.

The Rabobank initiative COOP Centraal is a coalition of several energy cooperatives, universities, businesses and the project agency Energie Samen Noord Holland. It aims to give more residents in the region access to affordable and sustainable energy. Knowledge-sharing by the coalition parties and linking talented young people to energy cooperatives needing support with innovation means different worlds are connected to make joint progress towards a decentralised and democratised energy supply.

This initiative in Amsterdam Noord believes young people are the engine of our society and the foundation of the energy transition. Omar, himself a service technician, has teamed up with others to create a development programme in which young people are paired with businesses. A small-scale approach that uses role models to show young people that they can make an important contribution to the energy transition, and earn good money from it, too.

How they see it…

Thank you…

The call Look differently, act differently came about with input from:

Marjolein ten Hoonte, Randstad | Marleen Stikker, Waag | Jeroen Ankersmit, ROC Amsterdam/Hilversum | Koen Westhoff, De Alliantie | Lucas Mol, De Groene Afslag | Otto Raspe, Rabobank | Addy Verschuren, Emiel Reiding, MRA Directie | Roel Schoenmakers, Cascoland | Talitha van den Elst, Nova College | Tijs Roelofs, Selma Nijhof, Municipality of Amsterdam | Saundra Williams, Masterplan Zuid-Oost | Henry de Groot, Vrije Universiteit | Eveline van Leeuwen, AMS Institute | Koen Overtoom, Port of Amsterdam | Amina Hassan Sheikh Ali, Young on Board | Munish Ramlal, Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam | Ted Veldkamp, IXA Amsterdam | Pallas Agterberg, Alliander | Abdelhamid Idrissi, Studiezalen | Onno Dwars, Ballast Nedam | Harry Boeschoten, Staatsbosbeheer | Zef Hemel, Paul Hekkert, TU Delft | Floris Alkemade | Ingrid Post, NZKG | Hans Stegeman, Triodos | Robert Metzke, Philips | Jopie Nooren, Hogeschool van Amsterdam | Peter Smit, Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht | Rahma el Mouden, MAS Groep | Amsterdam Economic Board | MRA Bestuur

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