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The Amsterdam Economic Board works with businesses, academic and research institutions and authorities to create tomorrow’s smart, green and healthy metropolis.

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The Amsterdam Economic Board contributes strongly to an agile labour market. The skills passport is a great initiative by House of Skills. People are much more than just their education and experience.

Melek Usta | Board member | Amsterdam Economic BoardMelek Usta, Director, Colourful People

“Especially now, collaboration is more important than ever. We need to bet on smart technology, specialist medical care and data science for a healthier future.” 

Maurice van den Bosch, CEO, OLVG

We believe in collaborating with knowledge institutions, governments, and other companies to solve complex challenges. The Amsterdam Economic Board represents the triple helix promise that is so important for the region. 

Bart Kruijssen, Partner, PwC

“We need to make use of the data, knowledge, and capacity of the various partners. To me, the Amsterdam Economic Board is the joint effort for a responsible and resilient Amsterdam metropolis.” 

Geert ten Dam, Chair of the Executive Board, UvA

“Scaling up and leveraging everyone’s strengths in initiatives around labour market shortages is only possible when government, education, and business work well together. To that, the Amsterdam Economic Board contributes significantly.” 

Michiel van Vlimmeren, General manager, Salesforce Nederland

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If you would like to join other changemakers in our network in implementing concrete actions for the smart, green and healthy metropolis of tomorrow, please get in touch with us. Get in touch

  • Nina Tellegen | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Nina Tellegen

    Executive Director

  • Antonio Carretero de Jong | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Antonio Carretero de Jong

    Deputy Director and Strategist

  • Leonie van den Beuken | Amsterdam Smart City | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Leonie van den Beuken

    Programme Director

  • Viktor Bos

    Programme Director

  • Kim Hooiveld | House of Skills | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Kim Hooiveld

    Programme Director

  • Francien Huizing

    Programme Director a.i.

  • Willem Koeman | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Willem Koeman

    Manager Leads and Strategy, Lead Digital

  • Marjolein Bot | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Marjolein Bot

    Lead Energy & Digital

  • Gerty Holla | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Gerty Holla

    Lead Health

  • Richard Hoving

    Richard Hoving

    Lead Mobility

  • Marjan Schrama | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Marjan Schrama


  • Claire Teurlings | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Claire Teurlings

    Lead Circular Economy

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