Inclusive prosperity in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

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Within the affluent Amsterdam region, the gains of economic growth are unevenly distributed. Nor does increased prosperity translate into increased well-being for all residents. How do we work to improve inclusive prosperity for all?

What is inclusive prosperity?

Inclusive prosperity offers all residents the opportunity to live and work well. In a region where growth and liveability are in balance. To achieve this, it is necessary to change course. Governments, businesses, academia and civil society organisations will start working from a new shared perspective. This is how we work together on creating the Metropolis of Tomorrow, where inclusive prosperity is the norm.

More prosperity, for all

In economic terms, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the working area of the Amsterdam Economic Board, is doing well. The Economische Verkenningen Metropoolregio Amsterdam (a Dutch report on the economic progress in the area) shows that the region is doing well.

Yet the area is under great pressure. There is a shortage of staff, clean air and space. Economic disparities between groups of residents are increasing. Growth is achieved at the expense of the climate and the quality of life of future generations. Continuing on the current course is therefore not an option.

Look differently, act differently

Striving for inclusive prosperity demands we make bold, daring choices. We’ll do this together, by looking and acting differently. With this, we look at problems from multiple perspectives. We look for solutions that benefit all residents. Together with involved people, who take a different viewpoint than the usual. Especially when that is difficult.

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Working towards inclusive prosperity

Choices that’ll truly make a difference and accelerate necessary transitions are about dismantling and building existing and new systems. On the method of production: from fossil to sustainable. On how we work together: starting with important questions. Who is at the table? Are all stakeholders adequately represented? What are the consequences of our actions on, say, income disparities in a neighbourhood, or on the environment? We must also work to ensure the region’s future-proof earning power, with the well-being of residents at its core.

In the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, we must move away from the focus on economic growth as the sole driver. And steer much more towards the kind of growth we want: sustainable, within the limits of the planet. Economic growth must also translate into affordable housing, accessible education, clean and safe neighbourhoods where everyone can optimise their talents. This is what we are working on, together with network partners, through our programmes and initiatives.

Sustainable, shockproof and adaptive

Those bold choices mean: daring to choose which economy we as a region want to facilitate with policy and investment. Focused on what the region excels in – such as knowledge and innovation potential. By testing for the contribution to societal impact. Such as the use of clean energy, impact on Social Development Goals in chains and contributions to the circular economy. This makes the regional economy more sustainable, shockproof and adaptive. This is how we actively work towards regional inclusive prosperity.

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