Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a geographical indication for the region that stretches from Zandvoort to Lelystad and from Purmerend to Hilversum. The area comprises 30 municipalities, gathered in seven sub-regions: Amsterdam, Amstelland-Meerlanden, Almere-Lelystad, Gooi en Vechtstreek, IJmond, Zaanstreek-Waterland and Zuid-Kennemerland.

This is the working area of the Amsterdam Economic Board. Here, we collaborate with decision-makers, innovation managers and changemakers from businesses, academia and government towards a smart, green and healthy region.

Engine of the Dutch economy

The region is part of the provinces of Noord-Holland and Flevoland and is also known as the MRA, for short. It has approximately 2.5 million inhabitants. With two airports, seaports, the financial center of the Netherlands, the flower auction of Aalsmeer, world-class knowledge institutions, large media companies and clusters of creative companies, the Amsterdam Metropolis is an important engine of the Dutch economy. In addition, the region is characterised by attractive historic towns and a great variety of landscapes.

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Map of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Metropool Amsterdam | Amsterdam Economic Board

Metropolitan Region Amsterdam

The Metropolitan Region Amsterdam is the partnership of the provinces of North Holland and Flevoland, 30 municipalities and the Vervoerregio Amsterdam. Based on a shared vision, they are working on a powerful, innovative economy, faster connections and sufficient and attractive space for living, working and recreation.