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The Amsterdam Economic Board works with decision-makers, innovation managers and changemakers from businesses, academia and government to create a smart, green and healthy region. If you would like to develop innovative projects in collaboration with other frontrunners in the region, join us!

Together we are making the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area a responsible and inclusive digital region which provides for a sustainable and healthy future for new generations. Where lifelong development and a skills-oriented approach are central to education and the labour market. There is a variety of ways for you to become part of our high-quality network and work for breakthroughs on the most important issues of our time.

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Find out more about our initiatives and programmes and let us know where your interests lie. Expand your network of decision makers in government, education and business and become a member of our Network Council. To keep up to date with our most important news, sign up for our Dutch newsletter, the Board Update. And work on sustainability and innovation within your own organisation using our practical tools.


Marjan Schrama

Amsterdam Economic Board

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We have developed and tested a wide range of tools and resources to help you work on sustainability in your organisation. Together we make the region smart, green and healthy. Use them to your advantage!

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“We need to make use of the data, knowledge and capacity of the different partners.
For me, the Amsterdam Economic Board is the joint effort for a responsible and
resilient Metropolis Amsterdam.”

Geert ten Dam, Chairperson Executive Board, UvA

“For the green agenda, there is still a lot of work to be done. That needs investment, but also awareness. And a good network.”

Michiel Kolman, Senior Vice President Research Networks, Elsevier

“Participation in the Network Council offers our members a strong value proposition. We pool goals by sharing knowledge, information and our network. Together, we are working toward a smart, green and healthy future.”

Claudia van Haeften, Founder Sociëteit Vastgoed

“If you don’t set targets, no one will move. To achieve them, we have to work together. That’s where the Amsterdam Economic Board plays an important role.”

Lex de Boer, Director, Pantar

“If you don’t set targets, no one will move. To achieve them, we have to work together. That’s where the Amsterdam Economic Board plays an important role.”

Steven van Schilfgaarde, CEO Royal Flora Holland

“The Network Council is the way for us to achieve goals, together with other organizations. As a partner of TekkieWorden, we assure ourselves of young talent.”

Patrick Brand, Marketing & Communications Manager, Interxion