Health Data Space Amsterdam

The amount of medical data is increasing. By intelligently accessing this data, we can make a positive contribution to public health. Large amounts of anonymous health data and artificial intelligence (AI) are helping provide insights into how we can keep people healthy for long periods of time.

Currently, medical records are not easily accessible everywhere. Because of the lack of a harmonised technical infrastructure, applications of standards, and because of the necessary legal, ethical and privacy frameworks. Fortunately, we are increasingly aware that making such data securely available has many benefits in preventing and curing disease.

This initiative was previously called Health Data Infrastructure. It will continue as Health Data Space Amsterdam (HDSA).

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Why a Health Data Space?

Analysing and monitoring large amounts of data can prevent hospitalisations and over-treatment. The data provide insight into what works for very different people, so we can personalise treatments. Data-based knowledge also allows for much earlier diagnosis. For many diseases, we can even prevent people from getting sick.

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More benefits

A national, integrated Health Data Space not only contributes to better health and higher quality of care. The information also gives healthcare providers better tools to do their jobs well.

With a health data space, we make available data accessible for faster and better medical research.

All these improvements also make economic impact. For the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the impact is estimated to be between €195 to 315 million per year. By making valuable use of available medical data for a healthy future for all residents.

What we are working on

  • Construction and positioning of the Health Data Space Amsterdam in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, implementation of the first application areas and connection with other national initiatives;
  • An elaborate governance model for responsible and secure data sharing, public support research, legal and ethical aspects;
  • Attract funding for subsequent phases.

What we have already achieved

Since 2020, the Amsterdam Economic Board has been advocating for the need to significantly improve data sharing and the use of AI in healthcare. With 7 regional partners, we developed a plan, set it up and found start-up funding in 2021. Major hospitals, universities, Philips, the City of Amsterdam and a leading group of Board members have committed to this plan and provided start-up funding.

The intendant realises this health data space, first regionally, then scaling up nationally.

Invitation to collaborate

Would you also like to contribute to the Health Data Space Amsterdam? Would you like to participate? Contact us!

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