What we do

In 2023, the Amsterdam Economic Board will continue to be an enthusiastic driver, a committed connector and a decisive agenda-setter. We do that by focussing on major themes, through our initiatives and programmes.

Initiate and accelerate cooperation

We have developed into a trusted intermediary that actively brings together parties that are working on the smart, green and healthy future of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. From our neutral position, we can act as a link between companies, universities and research institutes, and as such stimulate, accelerate and implement solutions.
We do this through our initiatives and programmes.

Build and maintain networks

Our great strength is our strong and relevant network, including our Board, the Network Council and other partners with whom we build mission-driven coalitions in relation to our themes. Together we launch initiatives in response to complex challenges. We drive new partnerships and initiatives, and facilitate collaboration between organisations that would otherwise not necessarily come into contact.

Engage networks on the topics of tomorrow

The Amsterdam Economic Board addresses and drives issues that enable progress towards a smart, green and healthy future. From our position in the network, we tackle issues that require new solutions and breakthroughs. Together, we bring urgent topics to the attention of public and private organisations and provide concrete solutions in our initiatives and programmes.

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