Health Innovation Ecosystem Amsterdam

Data science and AI technology are increasingly impacting the Life Sciences & Health sector, enabling us to live healthier lives for longer. Therefore, we’re mapping out all parties, which play an important role within this innovative ecosystem.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is bustling with health data and AI initiatives, organisations and companies. All these players share the same goal: devising smart solutions to prevent disease and encourage active and healthy ageing. But who are these innovative parties in the Amsterdam region?

Is your initiative or organisation not yet included or do you have other additions? If so, please send a message to one of our contacts.

Ecosystem for innovation in health

Ecosystem Amsterdam Smart Health | Amsterdam Economic Board

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Parties in the ecosystem

See below the list of all parties within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area actively working with data science and artificial intelligence on innovations in the health sector.

More information

Want to learn more about how we are working on a strong ecosystem for innovation at the intersection of data, artificial intelligence and healthcare? Then check out our Smart Health Amsterdam and Health Data Infrastructure initiatives. Or contact the team at Amsterdam Economic Board.

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