Smart Health Amsterdam

Smart applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and data sciences contribute to a healthier world and better medical care. That is why we are building a strong network that connects the Life Sciences & Health sector with data sciences and AI. With that network, we in Smart Health Amsterdam combine the power of health, innovation, AI and data. Together, we are working toward a smart and healthier future for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

What is Smart Health Amsterdam?

Smart Health Amsterdam is the network for data and AI-based innovation in the Life Sciences & Health sector within the metropolitan area. The Amsterdam Economic Board set up the platform in 2019 with the City of Amsterdam. Since then, the collaboration between 13 partners has grown into a unique regional ecosystem with more than 1,100 community members, who are joining forces on innovations in healthcare.

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What is Smart Health Amsterdam working on?

We bring together healthcare institutions, academia, industry (from start-ups to big pharma) and relevant policy makers around data-driven innovation in healthcare. To this end, we organise over 30 events annually. The successful platform underlines Amsterdam’s distinctive position as a hub for the Life Sciences & Health sector, with good facilities to collaborate with knowledge institutions, governments and companies.

By the end of 2022, the Smart Health Amsterdam program will be reshaped. In 2022, we are identifying partners’ wishes and ideas for the future.

Would you like to participate in thinking about the future of Smart Health Amsterdam? Lead Health Gerty Holla would love to talk to you.

This is what we are working on in 2022

  • We are continuously building on Smart Health Amsterdam as a strong brand, program and thriving ecosystem.
  • Establishing one portal for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area for all Life Sciences & Health questions. Such as on research collaboration. We do this by mapping all the players that come together within AI, health and innovation.
  • Supporting Hacking Health Amsterdam and the Health Innovation School.
  • By mid-2022, we will deliver a Plan of Action for the continuation of the programme.
  • In addition, we organise events such as:

We’ve achieved this in 2021

We expanded the Smart Health Amsterdam platform together with the City of Amsterdam. More than 1,100 community members and many organisations find each other here. Together, they represent almost the entire Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector. This forms the basis for increased cooperation and a joint branding strategy among all the regional LSH innovation districts, and for concrete cooperation among members. Online and at more than 30 events, the platform offers members inspiration and interesting best practices. Smart Health Amsterdam was a finalist in the Global InnoVision Ecosystem Awards.

Invitation to collaborate

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Contact us

  • Gerty Holla | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Gerty Holla

    Lead Health

    Amsterdam Economic Board

  • Yvonne Roos

    Communications Strategy & Stakeholders Manager Smart Health Amsterdam

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