OLVG joins Smart Health Amsterdam and launches Corona Check

CEO of OLVG, Maurice van den Bosch, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on behalf of OLVG.

OLVG joins Smart Health Amsterdam

The memorandum is a statement of principles declaring cooperation in making optimal use of the economic and scientific opportunities within the Amsterdam Area in the fields of life sciences, health, data science and artificial intelligence (AI). We believe that working together and building one unified proposition and one point of contact is key for strengthening the LSH ecosystem, improving public-private partnerships and encouraging innovation. Find out more about the memorandum and becoming a partner here.

OLVG and Luscii launch corona check app

OLVG corona check is an app designed to help healthcare providers to remotely monitor residents of greater Amsterdam who experience health complaints that may be caused by coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The free app, developed with Amsterdam-based Luscii, allows users to enter their symptoms, which are then assessed by a medical team.

OLVG developed the corona check together with the Amsterdam company Luscii. Read more about this great initiative.


Smart Health Amsterdam (SHA)

SHA was founded by the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Economic Board and Amsterdam&partners to offer a strong network for data- and AI-driven innovation in Amsterdam’s life sciences and health sector.  We are here to connect all data and AI related key players, institutions, innovators, scientists, medics, investors and other bright minds of Amsterdam.

Together, with our partners, we strive to showcase health initiatives and encourage the connecting of health innovators within the Amsterdam region and we will act as a central point of contact.  Join our comunity here

25 March 2020

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