Medical Data + Pizza Meetups

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data are very popular at the moment. In patient care, huge amounts of data are generated and stored every day. Before data applications actually become available at the patient’s bedside, there are still steps to take.

This is partly due to the significant technical, legal, organisational and administrative challenges involved in processing medical data. Sometimes medical professionals and data scientists do not sufficiently understand or even know each other at all. Our Right Data Right Now consortium wants to change that!

At the Medical Data + Pizza meetups, we discuss everything related to medical data science, including interesting projects, papers and the latest developments. This is where physicians and data scientists meet. It’s a great opportunity to learn, meet like-minded healthcare professionals, researchers and data scientists, get feedback on your own projects and have fun.

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Join the Amsterdam Medical Data Science community of the Right Data Right Now consortium and come to the Medical Data + Pizza meetups.

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