Yvonne Roos

Communications Strategy & Stakeholders Manager Smart Health Amsterdam

Amsterdam Economic Board

Focus: meaningful, sustainable innovations for better health. Contribute to a healthier world with better medical care  and a longer healthy life.

AI and data applications make an important contribution to a healthier world and better personal medical care. Data is the engine of many innovations. At Amsterdam Economic Board we work on connecting parties and setting up progressive partnerships that can innovate in a targeted manner. We then use communication to bring these innovations and initiatives to the attention of a wider target group. Finally, we are working on strengthening the communication power of all partners together.

Yvonne works as a communication advisor on the initiatives Health Data InfrastructureSmart Health Amsterdam and Tada.

Yvonne has a background in Communication. She previously worked in all possible communication roles on the client and agency side and in various disciplines such as strategy, project management, online, trade, social & PR, both nationally and internationally.

“In our current time-attention-focused economy, it’s the art of living to direct it toward people, ideas and causes that are worthy of our precious resource.”