We work on a healthy, sustainable metropolis through innovation, new forms of collaboration, new revenue models, and the optimal use of available resources.

Aiming to ensure that mobility, housing, industry and business would have hardly any negative impact on the climate, water supply, the immediate environment, and the health of residents.

This calls for solutions that enable industry and society to operate within the confines of the available space and electricity. Preferably by using circular materials and sustainable energy, which are also affordable. To achieve this, we need radically different forms of transport, a reorganisation of infrastructure (such as a decentralised structure for the energy supply in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area), and different behaviour and choices by us all.

Our initiatives and programmes will achieve systemic changes and concrete impact.

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Claire Teurlings | Amsterdam Economic Board

Lead Circular Economy
Amsterdam Economic Board

Richard Hoving | Amsterdam Economic Board

Lead Mobility
Amsterdam Economic Board