Prevention: Healthy, active living in the Metropolis of Tomorrow

Preventing physical and mental health problems should be the focus, not their cure. Prevention is always the best approach. Especially focusing on a healthy lifestyle within a sustainably healthy living environment.

As we’re moving towards a smart, green and healthy Metropolis of Tomorrow, our region can no longer afford to focus only on disease and curative care. In this initiative, we explore how the region can reduce health disparities – aiming for inclusive prosperity for all residents. We are also exploring options for reducing rising healthcare costs and increased staff shortages.

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The Amsterdam Economic Board – together with ROM InWest and Metropoolregio Amsterdam – invites regional partners to work together to strengthen and stimulate preventing disease.

What we are working on

  • We explore which promising prevention themes we should focus on together
  • We explore how healthcare providers, insurers, funders, local governments, industry and research institutions can act and collaborate in this together
  • We link the focus on prevention with regional inclusive prosperity and share insights about inspiring scalable prevention interventions.

Results for prevention

At a working dinner in March 2023, it was decided to establish a Regional Prevention Coalition to enhance collaboration, knowledge sharing and profiling, around four sub-issues:

  • Employer’s approach towards Prevention – seeking a broad approach through employers to improve on health (checkups, bicycle incentives, etc.) for employees at all levels
  • Startups for Prevention – helping startups in the field of prevention move forward by matchmaking between funders, health insurers, pilots in healthcare facilities, etc.
  • System Dynamics & Digital Twins – using data for simulation modeling and deployment of gamification to predict effects of prevention-oriented measures
  • Neighbouring – approaching issues at a neighbourhood and district level is crucial. An approach through the use and formation of local communities.

In September 2023, partners looked at how prevention can contribute towards achieving inclusive prosperity. They did so by adopting these principles of Look differently, act differently. This provided new insights, which participants will work on in dedicated sessions.

In spring 2024, we will identify which partners want to take on one or more sub-tasks as a coalition. And would be potential follow-up actions. We’ll also define the role of the Amsterdam Economic Board. We are working towards a broad regional Prevention Conference in June 2024.

Join us in preventing illness

Would you like to participate, do you have any feedback or ideas on how to prevent disease and improve on general health? Please contact us.

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