The power grid is congested. This has great impact on sustainability and economic development. In the Grid Congestion Learn & Share event series, we exchange knowledge, connect partners, and identify what solutions are needed.

To solve grid congestion, we need each other. Real scaling up and acceleration is still proving difficult. We see two main challenges in this:

  • Knowledge level: Grid congestion is no longer a new topic. Yet many organisations know little about the current situation and possible solutions. When more partners are informed, we activate a larger group of stakeholders who can work together on solutions.
  • Overview: Much is already happening nationally, regionally and locally. Amsterdam Economic Board and our Amsterdam Smart City programme are also working on initiatives, touching the challenges surrounding grid congestion. An integral overview of activities is lacking. Understanding more about what works well and possible next steps, would be a good idea. Then we don’t duplicate work.


For this first event in the series, we are guests of our Network Council member Alliander. Regional lead Paul van Engelen talks about the current situation for grid congestion in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. And also about what still lies ahead of us.

After a plenary session, we’ll use breakout sessions to dive deeper. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for networking.

The events will be held in Dutch language. Are you interested in this event, then please register. Would you like to contribute in this event series? Please send an email to

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Next meetings in the event series Grid Congestion Learn & Share:

Energy transition via the social route – September 16th
We’ll be guests of Waag Futurelab. With this partner, the Amsterdam Economic Board is exploring possibilities for the idea that by 2050 at least 50% of the energy for built environment and private transport will be generated via a social initiative. What could that mean for grid congestion?

Labour Market – November 5th
One way to solve the overloading of the power grid is to quickly expand it. If there are thicker cables everywhere, there will be no more grid congestion. However, this demands a considerable labour effort. In this session we will dive into the issues surrounding the labour market. We’ll be guests of the Centre of Expertise City Net Zero at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).

Flexibility in energy consumption – January 2025 (Week 4)
What if we’d not all charge our cars at the end of a work day? Or if flexible energy contracts would encourage turning on the washing machine when the sun shines? What outcomes would a smarter use of energy offer for grid congestion?

Energy conservation – March 2025 (Week 10)
Saving energy can also be a solution to combat grid congestion. We are looking at energy conservation opportunities.

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