Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics MRA

In 2019, the Amsterdam Economic Board took the initiative with the Green Deal ZES MRA to give a regional boost to the Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics. More than 75 innovative governments, companies and knowledge institutions from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area have signed the Green Deal ZES MRA.

This lively community is all about sharing knowledge, inspiring each other and working together on smart and clean city logistics. Read news articles and event reports about the Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics.

What is GreenDeal ZES MRA

Smart and clean (city) logistics are an important prerequisite for a sustainable economy and an attractive region and cities. They ensures that online orders are delivered, restaurants can serve their guests, stores have the latest collection on time, trash is collected and any home improvement project goes off without a hitch. With the changing demands of customers, the daily supply of city and region is becoming more finely tuned and increasingly just-in-time. Urban logistics is becoming increasingly important and continues to grow. Cooperation between businesses and governments contributes to livability, accessibility and safety.

To combat climate change, the central government wants to emit 49% less greenhouse gases by 2030 than in 1990. They cannot do that alone. Making city logistics more sustainable is one way to do this, for example, through new regulations (including zero-emission zones) and incentives. Business will also have to start working to make logistics chains more sustainable. A concerted effort by both business and governments in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is desperately needed to meet the 2030 climate target!

The Green Deal ZES MRA is mainly about cooperation and knowledge sharing between companies, governments and knowledge institutions. Participants in the Green Deal ZES MRA are not only testing new practical logistics solutions, but also combinations of new technologies, public-private partnerships and adapted regulations. Examples in the region include City Barging, Green Collecting/Open Waste, City Logistics Innovation Campus and Coding the Curbs. The Amsterdam Economic Board has stimulated cooperation and knowledge sharing, put topical issues on the agenda, provided a platform for relevant solutions and activated parties to sign on and make an important contribution to the smart, green and healthy Metropolis of Tomorrow.

Signing in June 2019

GDZESMRA results

  • We initiated the ‘Smart and Clean Construction Logistics’ competition, organised roundtable meetings, and produced a video on success factors for smart and clean city logistics, including the successful call for regional government administrators to put this on the political agenda;
  • Since 2019, more than 80 public and private organisations have signed the Green Deal and worked towards implementing it;
  • The Amsterdam Economic Board has organised nine inspiring and well-liked GDZESMRA meetups. We highlighted the emerging results in several articles and event reports.

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