Zero emissions by switching from gas to electric

Service technicians drive back and forth in major cities on their way to repairs, installation and maintenance. Their vans are often not very energy efficient. Nevertheless, electric transport is already possible within service companies, but it is not yet used on a large scale.

After two years of research, Gas on Electric, a project of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, has mapped out bottlenecks and solutions to make logistics at service companies more sustainable. These can be read in the publication Gas on electric (in Dutch). The research is closely related to the Amsterdam Economic Board’s Green Deal Six Zero Emission City Logistics initiative. The AUAS is an important partner of the Board.

On 17th of March the project partners share their knowledge and experiences from a live stream studio. In between there is room for questions from the viewers.

Emission-free city logistics

With more and more cities striving for ’emission-free city logistics by 2025′, it is time for sustainable alternatives for service companies to reach customers. Twenty partners from the field, including service companies, participate in this ‘Gas on electric’ study. Although these companies are increasingly involved in sustainable techniques, such as the installation of solar panels and charging stations, their own fleet is often not yet sustainable.

Result and yield

The research project connects SMEs with each other and with service companies to develop joint and multidisciplinary knowledge about the use of electric transport (EV) in service logistics. The project will run for two years, from March 2019 to February 2021. The result is an approach with concepts and interventions to stimulate the use of EV in service logistics.

Research team Gas on electric

The Urban Technology research program of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is the project coordinator. She forms the research team together with HAN Automotive Research. In addition, 20 parties from the public and private sector are participating in the project by generating, applying and disseminating knowledge. Lecturers involved are Walther Ploos van Amstel (HvA City Logistics), Robert van den Hoed (HvA Energy & Innovation) and Frans Tillema (HAN Intelligent Mobility)

15 March 2021

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