The Municipality of Almere is entering into a partnership with the TekkieWorden Foundation

In order to cope with the increasing shortage of IT staff, public and private partners from Almere are entering into a partnership with TekkieWorden. With a package of measures, the ambition is to activate people of all ages for tech studies and retrain them for IT jobs. Despite COVID-19, companies in Almere are struggling with an increasing shortage of IT talent. With this program, the Municipality of Almere wants to provide an answer to the many people who want to retrain or retrain in IT because their current job offers little prospect for the future. Of the more than 40,000 people who work in an administrative position, this program offers more employment prospects in the fast-growing ICT sector in Almere

TekkieWorden is the platform to inspire people to find a job in IT. It brings together the educational offer in the field of IT on and provides answers to questions such as: which disciplines and courses are there within IT? And what are my career opportunities in that? In addition to the digital guide function, all secondary schools in Almere receive free information packages from TekkieWorden. The aim is to familiarize students with the opportunities of careers in tech at an early age. These services mainly reach younger target groups.

TekkieWorden is also becoming increasingly relevant for older target groups. Especially now that during the corona crisis there is an increasing need for retraining for promising professions, such as IT. TekkieWorden has extra tools available for these groups, such as the ‘TekkieWijzer’: an online data-driven assessment that allows participants to discover their own tech profile. An IT study career program will also be available for professionals who want to retrain. These tools will be rolled out in collaboration with local businesses and public organizations. In October 2020, during the TekkieWorden Week, a report will be published that provides insight into the mismatch in the IT labor market. With this so-called. GAP report, educational institutions can better match their offer to market demand.

“TekkieWorden will give the people in Almere insight into what is possible in IT and tech. What do these functions and training actually all entail? Especially now, in times of the corona, that is very important and of enormous added value ” says Ellen van Poorten, director of the Labor Market & Education Municipality of Almere.

The collaboration was officially inaugurated on 1 July on the roof of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Almere. Maaike Veeningen, Alderman for Economy at the Municipality of Almere was present, as was the general director of the Amsterdam Economic Board: Nina Tellegen. In addition, many private parties are involved that make TekkieWorden possible, such as Rabobank, and TomTom.

“It is so important to provide insight into which tech jobs there are in Almere, and what the training courses and companies have to offer. Almere already has a lot more in the IT field than you think, “says Viktor Bos, co-founder TekkieWorden.

About TekkieWorden

TekkieWorden is the guide to tech / IT studies and jobs and provides insight into and answers to questions about all tech / IT studies and jobs in North Holland and Utrecht. A campaign-focused digital platform that brings together the tech education offering on TekkieWorden is an initiative of the Board program TechConnect with the initiators Rabobank,, TomTom, Amsterdam Economic Board and CA-ICT training fund.

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10 september 2020

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