Green Deals Circular Textile signed

To get out of the crisis green, the Board is working in collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Bureau on making textiles circular. Five intentions have been expressed to contribute to a circular approach to textiles for the next three years: refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, repurpose or recycling and regional processing. Many parties in the region signed the intention.

With this declaration of intent, partners will set to work on, for example, investing in qualitative and quantitative improvements in the processing of discarded textiles, knowledge building and dissemination of circular principles, awareness among end users and / or the use of circular textile procurement as a strategy in the transition.

Textile in closed loop

In the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, we have the ambition to have 50% of the textiles in a closed loop by 2030 and to use 30% recycled material from non-reusable discarded used textiles by 2025. This means that we recycle regionally discarded textiles in the region and create new economic activities with textiles and clothing in other business models such as lending or renting, second-hand / vintage, maintenance and repair for life extension. This requires innovation in product design, recycling technology, business models and a more circular approach to textile education.

Green Deals Circular Textile

Within the Green Deals Sustainable from the Crisis | Circular Textiles, various parties are committed to this ambition and are working towards circular collections, with commitment as high as possible on the R ladder and in recycling to regional reprocessing. This means qualitative and quantitative improvement of the processing of discarded textiles, knowledge building and dissemination of circular principles, awareness among end users, and use of circular textiles as a strategy in the transition.

Within the Green Deals Circular Textiles, we distinguish various initiatives that all fulfill this ambition in their own way:

  • Repair Shared Service Center
  • Circular Fashion Innovation Lab
  • Integrating circular principles in textile research and education
  • Circular procurement of work clothing, including protective clothing for healthcare
  • Awareness campaign for end users

For more information about the Green Deals Textile and green agreements on other themes, click here .

The intention is signed by:

Makers Unite | CleanLease | Waternet | Reade | ABN Amro | Up-set Textiles | Re-Blend | OLVG | Amsterdam Economic Board | NPSP | House of Skills | Care balance | Invest MRA | TenCate Protective Fabrics | REFLOW | Cordaan | MilieuPlatform Zorg | Waag Textile lab | health insurer (s) | Alcon advice | Amsterdam Metropolitan Area | BMA Techne | Municipality of Amsterdam | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences | Water board AGV | Amsterdam Transition Institute | Loop.a Life | Smart Fibresort BV | BYBORRE | King Louie | Textiles2Textiles BV | NIO | Brightfiber Textiles | Studio Belen | MUD Jeans | Brightloops in collaboration with EU spinners | State of Art | ROC of Amsterdam | Studio Jux | ROC van Flevoland | AMFI | Master course Coupeur Amsterdam | Amsterdam Fashion Academy

21 december 2020

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