Willem Koeman | Amsterdam Economic Board

Willem Koeman

Manager Leads and Strategy, Lead Digital

Amsterdam Economic Board

Focus: Fair, transparent and open digital society

Imagine a world where you are in charge of your own data. You decide who gets to see your data, and who doesn’t. You’re in control over your own digital life. Organisations also benefit in such a world. They have easy access to all the necessary data to make informed decisions. Without being held back by red tape or politics. As all play by the same rules, competition is fair and each has the same chance to succeed.

Willem Koeman is excited to make this digital world a reality by fostering valuable connections among various stakeholders. Willem is manager for the Leads and Strategy team. In addition, he is Lead Digital at the Amsterdam Economic Board.

His responsibilities included the Tada manifesto for fair data use, signed by over a 1,000 citizens and businesses. Willem is also one of the initiators of AMdEX, the Amsterdam Data Exchange. He is co-responsible for the Datacommons initiative.

Willem studied Social Science Informatics at the University of Amsterdam; an interdisciplinary study combining social sciences, psychology and informatics. Previously, he worked at IBM, consulting firm Verdonck Klooster & Associates and the innovation accelerator Amsterdam Innovatie Motor.

“For a life in beta, the trick is to never stop starting.”

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