Campus Amsterdam (WeMakeThe.City)


Campus Amsterdam functions as a gateway for researchers, students, and entrepreneurs wanting to access the knowledge base of the Amsterdam region. During this Conference, we will explore how campuses can be more than just physical clusters of business, research, and education. By comparing the Campus Amsterdam case with European and national ones, from Tampere (Finland), Groningen and Eindhoven we will touch on questions such as: What is needed to make campuses truly innovative hotspots? How can campuses become inspirational beacons for sustainable and inclusive urban development? And in what way can Amsterdam campuses’ knowledge and competencies be shared to benefit wider communities?

In the afternoon there are three ‘deep dive’ options with site visits, one exploring a typical Campus Amsterdam Innovation District, another focusing on Campus Development, and the last one is a summit organised around Living Labs. 


  • Campus Amsterdam: A Super Diverse Knowledge Network – Matthijs ten Berge
  • Campus & the City: A Vision for the Future – Willem van Winden and Sabine Niederer
    1. How can campuses become co-innovation catalysts to address today’s societal challenges?
    2. How do campuses interact with business & society?
    3. Campuses as early adopters/labs for the circular economy, green development, energy transition
  • International Keynote: Mervi Huhtelin, the Case of Tampere, Finland
  • Two Dutch cases:
    1. Groningen: Co-creation between knowledge institutes, businesses and local government – Annet de Vree
    2. Eindhoven: Various collaboration and co-creation practices at Brainport-Eindhoven – Sjoerd Romme
  • A panel discussion, Campus Amsterdam learnings from Tampere, Groningen, and Eindhoven
  • Deep Dives

1. Campus Zuid-Oost, where a corporate bank, ING and the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (HvA) are creating a campus
2. Innovation District Knowledge Mile