Coalition data center chain wants to save 40% energy

A coalition of companies from the Amsterdam data center chain is working with governments on the data center energy saving initiative 'LEAP'. It is expected that the energy consumption in data centers can be reduced by up to 40 percent in the next three years. With the initiative, government, companies and knowledge institutions are working together to realize a sustainable digital economy at a faster pace. During the first phase, 20 coalition partners will conduct pilots to investigate the possibilities for energy saving, without loss of performance.

Continuing digitization of society ensures that more and more data is generated, sent and stored. Data centers facilitate this data traffic, while hardware and software are often owned by customers. Due to the growth in data usage, the demand for electrical energy is increasing. It is expected to be the required amount electrical energy will have doubled by 2030 compared to current energy consumption.

LEAP coalition for sustainable growth in data

In addition to the initiating parties Amsterdam Economic Board, NLdigital, Green IT Amsterdam, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency, companies and knowledge institutions from the entire chain are represented in the coalition: Albert Heijn,, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, Municipality of Almere , City of Amsterdam, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Interxion, Iron Mountain, KPN, NEP The Netherlands, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Rabobank, Royal Schiphol Group, SURFsara, VMware and VU University Amsterdam. From data centers and companies with a lot of data traffic and data center customers, to hardware suppliers and governments. Together they will face the consequences of the unbridled growth of data traffic on the electricity network. Optimization of the energy use of ICT in data centers must provide room for sustainable growth and give a positive impulse to future-proof growth of the sector.

Various pilots in start-up phase energy optimization

The first step in the LEAP pilot phase is the measurement of the Server Idle Coefficient (SIC). The SIC indicates the extent to which a server does consume energy, but does not perform IT work. This should show how energy- (in) efficient servers in data centers are. The second step in the LEAP pilot phase is to measure the SIC with adjusted settings, which ensure that the servers go into low-power mode as much as possible when they are idle. This can measure the impact of the power management settings on the energy consumption of servers. Studies already carried out show that the performance loss of the server due to the activation of these settings is almost zero.

Data center of the future

“The results of the pilots provide insight into the relationship between energy consumption and the ‘idle state’, or useless running of servers, and how the application of power management can lead to a reduction in the energy consumption of servers. It is expected that companies that set up power management in a smarter way can achieve energy savings of 20% to 40%. A huge sustainable step forward. ”, Says Marjolein Bot, Challenge Lead Energy, Amsterdam Economic Board. In March 2020, the LEAP coalition expects to be able to share the conclusions of the pilots and to present the first measures to organize energy savings in a smart way.

Want to know more about LEAP or participate? read here more or contact Challenge Lead Marjolein Bot .

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LEAP nominated for Computable Awards 2020

LEAP has been nominated for the Computable Awards 2020 in the category Sustainability & CSR! You can vote here from August 31 to November 1. read here more about the nomination of LEAP. You can find more information about the Computable Awards and the other nominees here .

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10 september 2020

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