The labour market is in crisis: the energy transition is stalling due to a lack of personnel, as in many other sectors. At the same time, the workforce in the region is declining as the population ages, and many people are still unemployed. The current sectoral approach and the focus on qualifications make it hard to bridge the mismatch between supply and demand. A transition to an education and labour market focusing on skills development will keep people employable.

In 2022, our focus will therefore be on the continued development of TechConnectTOMAS and House of Skills. We support this with schemes such as the Skillspaspoort, Zorg & Techniekscan, TekkieWorden, PathWays, the TechMeUp fund and Teach4Amsterdam, the connection of practices for skills-oriented recruitment and selection, as well as training, research-based knowledge and concerted efforts by government, education and business.

We also facilitate the TOMAS platform for finding and connecting talent development initiatives, aimed at professionals in government, education and business who want to get the right people with the right skills in the right place.


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