There is a labor market crisis: the energy transition is stalled due to lack of personnel, as in many other sectors. For example, digitalization requires a different view of work. At the same time, the labor force in the region is declining due to an aging population and many people still do not have a job.

The current approach within sectors (healthcare, construction, education, etc.) and the focus on diplomas makes it difficult to bridge the mismatch between supply and demand.

Activating talents based on skills and lifelong development keeps people employable

We are bundling four activities under our House of Skills program in 2023 with valuable work for all as our goal. We focus specifically on energy transition and digitalization.

  • Working to further deepen and spread the skills-based approach.
  • Learning from successful labor market initiatives such as TechConnect. We examine whether we can use this approach in other major social tasks.
  • Focus on lifelong development to utilize everyone’s talents and for sustainable employability in the labor market.
  • Identify what is needed more quickly in education and the labor market to fill the enormous number of vacancies and to guide talents to training and work.

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Kim Hooiveld | House of Skills | Amsterdam Economic Board

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