What is TOMAS?

TOMAS provides an easy overview and access to all talent initiatives in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. From Haarlem to Hilversum and from Uitgeest to Uithoorn. TOMAS stands for Talent Development, Match & Select. This enables us to link supply and demand for all options for retraining, further training and talent development. We provide a professional matching platform to work together for a lifetime of development. With the smart interactive mapping tool you can now search very specifically with all filters relevant to you.

Who is TOMAS for?

TOMAS is the tool for business, education and government to find collaboration partners for talent development. Think HR Directors, HR Managers, Diversity & Inclusion Directors and other key corporate executives responsible for strategic talent development. And of course to schools, trainers, companies, PPSs and governments. They all find a matching platform at TOMAS to tackle their challenges together.


The mismatch in the labor market, due to a qualitative and quantitative shortage of the right talent, is a growing problem in our region. TOMAS provides a structural solution with a matching platform for talent development. Supply and demand are brought together in a clear and transparent manner, with all possibilities for retraining and further training in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This puts the right people with the right skills in the right place.
There is a growing need for a local & regional match between supply and demand of talent, with a focus on inclusive and diverse teams. Lifelong development and allowing talents to flourish is crucial. Training courses want to offer more customisation, companies want to actively contribute to better matching supply and demand. Governments stimulate this development. But where does it all come together? Go to Vraag het TOMAS (website in Dutch).

What does TOMAS do?

TOMAS offers you access to the entire knowledge infrastructure of the region, including:

  • An overview in talent initiatives
  • Supply and demand in talent development
  • Connecting with the right partners to achieve your goals
  • Increase your knowledge about talent initiatives
  • Facilitates smart investments and collaborations.

Watch the video to see the launch of TOMAS:

Invitation to collaboration

Are you looking for an overview of initiatives for lifelong learning, retraining and further training in the region and/or do you want to be involved in TOMAS? Please contact us.

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