Through High Impact Procurement, organizations from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area – from startups to SMEs and corporates – contribute to a fair, sustainable and innovative purchasing playing field. ImI stimulates affordable and local supply and demand of products and services that contribute to a smart, green and healthy future and reduces the demand for non-durable items. And… anyone can participate! Please get in touch if you also want to contribute.

Why High Impact Procurement?

With every euro that you as an organization spend on products and services, you have the choice for the more sustainable, fairer or more innovative alternative. Purchasing is therefore an important driver for a smart, green and healthy future of the Amsterdam metropolis. Amsterdam Economic Board is the initiator of this movement.

What are we doing?

All organizations purchase their specific raw materials, services and products for their own core business. Virtually every organization needs other matters, such as energy, workspace, ICT, catering, office furniture and transport. If we all make an impact when purchasing, hiring or leasing these facility services, it will yield a lot:

  • It stimulates the demand for and supply of things that contribute to a smart, green and healthy future, such as: clean transport, circular furniture and healthy catering;
  • It reduces the demand for things that we actually want to say goodbye to, such as: fossil energy and disposable items.

Results up to 2022

A large part of our network has now embraced (facility) purchasing with impact. The efforts of the Amsterdam Economic Board have resulted in the following:

  • The Checklist for Socially Responsible Procurement (SRP) gives you a simple overview of how circular you already purchase for a number of important facility product groups. This tool is based on PIANOo’s criteria for MVI.
  • We collect relevant purchasing criteria for data servers and circular solar panels from the Circular Labs that we organized together with the University of Utrecht and AMS institute and make them available to our network.
  • We have put together a working group that investigates the questions in the field of Procurement with Social Impact.


Read more about how you can start with sustainable procurement.

This is what we are working on in 2022

In 2022 we will show our network the way to the national information point Here you will also find the quickstarts that we developed earlier. These quickstarts offer various sectors concrete tips and practical handles for facility purchasing with impact in their own organization. Go to our quickstarts.

In addition, we look at all our initiatives how we can use High Impact Procurement. For example, various organizations are working together on the purchase of circular softshell jackets and are investing in purchasing knowledge about circular and energy-efficient data servers.

Invitation to collaboration

Does your organization also embrace Facility High Impact Procurement? Do you want to share expertise and experience? Or do you want to know how you can start a movement internally? Please contact Richard Hoving, Lead Mobility or Claire Teurlings, Lead Circular Economy.


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