High Impact Procurement: start now or share your knowledge

With every euro that you spend as an organization on products and services, you have the choice for the more sustainable, fairer or more innovative alternative. This makes procurement an important driver for a smart, green and healthy future for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Systems and habits are thus broken. Do you already have experience with high impact procurement and do you want to share your knowledge? Or are you still new in this field and would you like to learn more? We would like to get in touch with you.

Focus on Facility procurement

Every organization purchases specific raw materials, services and products intended for their primary processes. But there are also things that almost every organization needs, including energy, work space, IT, catering, office furniture and transport. If we all make an impact when purchasing, hiring or leasing these facility services, it will yield a lot:

  • It stimulates the demand for and the supply of things that contribute to a smart, green and healthy future, such as clean transport, circular furniture and healthy catering;
  • It reduces the demand for things we actually want to say goodbye to: such as fossil energy, disposable items or poor working conditions;

We do not start from scratch. Because a lot of knowledge, experience and involvement has already been gathered around, for example, smart and clean city logistics and the circular use of lighting.

For everyone

The great thing is that everyone can buy with high impact. Whether you work for an SME, startup, corporate or institution, your organization can also participate. For example with your lunch sandwiches and things like office supplies, but also large companies that purchase enormous quantities. One organization will want to make a big leap and, as a launching customer, wants to purchase innovative products or services with a major impact. The other organization keeps it manageable and prefers to opt for proven alternatives.


Are you still new in this field and do you want to know how you can get started and make an impact with your purchasing policy? Do you want to start small around a specific business unit or receive tips on how to get your entire organization involved? Then fill in this form , we will contact you!

Or maybe you have already gained experience with high impact procurement. Now is the time to get other parties involved, so that we can actually make an impact with an ever-larger group! Do you want to share best practices, do’s & don’ts and all your experience and knowledge with a wide network? Or are you ready to take the next step yourself? Then fill in this form , we will contact you!

September 29: Circular Economy Lab

In collaboration with the Utrecht Sustainability Institute, the Amsterdam Economic Board is organizing the 22nd Circular Economy Lab on Tuesday 29 September. This time, the circular options for ICT equipment are in the workplace. Click here to register and more info .

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27 August 2020

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