The energy transition is not moving fast enough, in part due to labour shortages. Setting us up for failure in meeting climate goals and thus burdening future generations with even greater problems. There’s a lot of untapped labour potential, who are doing less than they can or want to, or they have jobs with little prospects.

The E-Connect initiative aims to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition through neighbourhood-oriented experiments, starting in the Amsterdam Southeast district. At the same time, we are retraining people for jobs that make the energy transition possible. Together, we are learning how to locally solve obstacles. We’ll scale these learnings individually or collectively.

Why E-Connect?

The Amsterdam Economic Board chose to work on this issue prompted by the successes of the TechConnect programme. This Amsterdam Economic Board programme activated hidden IT talent from 2019 to 2022 through a neighbourhood-oriented approach.

E-Connect will apply the successful components of the TechConnect approach to the energy transition. This adds to creating meaningful work for everyone in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

What we are working on

  • A complete labour market overview of jobs associated with energy transition
  • A complete overview of all initiatives in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area that are involved in training, retraining, upskilling people for the energy transition
  • Scouting, selecting, training and onboarding 100 people from the Amsterdam Southeast district for jobs in the energy transition, through existing initiatives
  • An incubator team will ensure that the initiatives will activate talent and access funding/grants and networks
  • Forming a scouting network and make it accessible to initiatives
  • A plan of action for the acceleration and experimentation phases. Starting point: doing nothing new and a neighbourhood-oriented approach.

Results with E-Connect

  • Held dozens of talks with education, government and industry to explore what E-Connect could look like.

Join us

Is your organisation interested in contributing to E-Connect? Would you like to participate? Please contact Viktor Bos.

Viktor Bos | Amsterdam Economic Board

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