Green Deal Bicycle

Transport by bicycle has many advantages: cycling is good for the environment and it is good for your own health. It is therefore important to encourage the use of bicycles for a sustainable Amsterdam metropolitan region with healthy residents. We do this by connecting organizations to the Green Deal Bicycle.

The Amsterdam Economic Board is initiator, in collaboration with the MRA Bureau, the Vervoerregio and BYCS. Together with companies, governments and knowledge institutions, we are pushing for more residents and companies to opt for the bicycle as a means of transport.

What will Green Deal Bicycle do?

We want as many people as possible to choose the bicycle as a mode of transport within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA). We focus on four themes:

  1. Bicycle service points

The bicycle is a very good means of getting from A to B – even over slightly longer distances. However, there is a need for more service en route. A place to have a repair carried out, to shelter from a rain shower, to buy a snack or to charge the battery. That is why in 2022 the MRA governments – together with the Green Deal partners – will look at which locations along the main bicycle routes in the region are suitable for a bicycle service point.

In 2022, the first bicycle service point will open in Schiphol-North. We will apply the lessons we learn from this pilot when setting up new bicycle service points.

The initiators of Green Deal Bicycle want to have three to five bicycle service points in the MRA before 2025, preferably regionally spread and varied according to target groups of cyclists (bicycle commuter, sports cyclist, recreational cyclist, etc.).

  1. Bicycle-friendly employment conditions

When employers encourage bicycle use, it helps larger groups of people to opt for cycling. The initiators of Green Deal Bicycle (and their partners) convince, stimulate and help organizations and companies to work on the introduction of bicycle-friendly employment conditions. Examples of such conditions could be: a bicycle mileage allowance, facilities at work such as a changing room and secure bicycle shed or assistance with minor repairs.

For good employment conditions it is important that laws and regulations of the national government, aimed at stimulating bicycle use, are considerably simplified. Now the rules are sometimes quite complicated. That is why MRA governments and Green Deal partners will lobby in a targeted manner for simple, understandable legislation so that as many people as possible opt for cycling.

The MRA governments and Green Deal partners also agree to work on better information provision about existing legislation and regulations. This simplifies complex schemes and helps organizations and employees to make use of bicycle plans

The aim is to allow as many employers and employees as possible to make use of bicycle-friendly employment conditions before 2025, so that bicycle use for commuting increases and CO2 emissions are reduced.

  1. Knowledge in high gear

A lot of knowledge and data about cycling is available in various places. The Amsterdam Institute for Urban Cycling will bundle this knowledge and make it available to organisations, companies and researchers within and outside the region. The institute will also map out the social benefits of cycling. All with the aim of making cycling more attractive for a broad target group.

  1. Young people on the bike

The number of children and young people using a bike to go home, to school, to sport or to friends in on the decline. The partners of Green Deal Bicycle help young residents of the Amsterdam metropolitan region get back in their bicycle saddle in various ways. We do this, among other things, by investigating what having a bicycle means for (young) children and which interventions help young people in choosing a bicycle. We are making an attractive offer for the costs of public transport and bicycles and we are developing an app to encourage bicycle use. We also involve strong partners, such as top cyclists from Team Jumbo-Visma and we support the petition of the junior Bicycle Mayor.

Meetups and events

When Green Deal Fiets has organized a meeting, you will find a report of it here.

18 January: Green Deal Bicycle in second gear: get all on a bike!

Do you also want to hop on the Green Deal Bicycle?

Do you have a proposal, idea or problem in your bicycle bag? Or would you like more information about signing the Green Deal Bicycle? Please contact Richard Hoving, Lead Mobility at the Board.

Signatories of Green Deal Bicycle

AMS Institute | Royal BAM Group | Breikers | BYCS | Cargoroo | Cycledata | Fynch Mobility | Groeifiets | Junior Bicycle Mayor | Mijksenaar | NexTechnician | NS Railway Stations | Pon/Lease a Bike | ROC of Amsterdam | Roetz | Stars Are Circular | Urban Cycling Institute | Vervoerregio

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