Focusing exclusively on curing diseases? Society can no longer afford that. We must shift towards disease prevention by promoting health.

But how do we achieve this in a society where structures and funding streams are not designed for this? And where health is seen as a personal responsibility? Such questions will be discussed during this meeting.

With a group of Board- and Network Council members, we are continuing our work on a Prevention roadmap for the region in this workshop.

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At aworking dinner in March 2023, the idea was born to create a Regional Prevention Coalition for collaboration, knowledge sharing and profiling, around four sub-issues:

  • Employer’s Approach towards Prevention – seeking a broad approach to improve on health (checkup, bicycle incentives, etc.) for employees at all levels
  • Startups for Prevention – helping startups in the field of prevention move forward by matchmaking between funders, health insurers, pilots in healthcare facilities, etc.
  • System Dynamics & Digital Twins – using data for simulation modeling and deployment of gamification to predict effects of prevention-oriented measures
  • Neighbouring – approaching issues at a neighbourhood and district level is crucial. A prevention approach through the use and formation of local communities.

In September 2023, partners at the first Prevention workshop looked at how preventing disease can contribute to inclusive prosperity in the region. They did so by taking a different perspective. Using principles of the movement Look differently, act differently. Workshop participants elaborated new insights in:

  • Socio-economic security – a basic requirement for a healthy life. Only when the basics are in order is there room to take care of one’s own health
  • Self-development & harmonising – the design of the urban environment contributes to mental and physical health. How can we use this for prevention?
  • Ownership & access to contributions – people are looking for other ways to contribute to society and want recognition for it. This involves new types of ownership.

Read more about our initiative for Prevention in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Make sure to reach out when you’d like to contribute.

Where and when?

Board eventLook differently, act differently
  • Amsterdam Economic Board, Metropoolregio Amsterdam, ROM InWest
  • 27 Feb 2024
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