What would it be like to create a place where people experience a better quality of life? Without the constant pressure to consume and produce more? Learn more during this event.

What if we shifted the focus from quantitative growth (consumption and GDP growth) to qualitative growth (increased quality of life and biodiversity)? And create a place that balances social, environmental and economic values?

During the kick-off event ‘The Marineterrein as an ecological urban paradise’, we will combine the knowledge and experience of thinkers and doers. Thus, we can give practical expression to socioeconomic and ecological experiments in the near and distant future. We aim to create a place in the city where users and local residents can flourish within the limits of the planet.


The programme will follow shortly.

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We are hosting this event as part of our Post-growth initiative. Read more about it.

Where and when?

Board event
  • AHK Culture Club, AMS Institute, Amsterdam Economic Board, And The People, Bureau Marineterrein, Kennisland, The Next Speaker
  • 16 Apr 2024
  • 16:00 -


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