Talitha van den Elst | Boardlid | Amsterdam Economic Board

Talitha van den Elst

Member Executive Board

ROC Nova College

Talitha van den Elst is a member of the Executive Board at ROC Nova College. Graduates from vocational colleges and courses form an important and solid foundation for the economy and society. In the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the challenges are great to attract and retain skilled professionals and keep working in a healthy way. Secondary vocational education can make a major contribution to this with its courses, certificates and customised programmes. Commitment to a lifelong development is crucial in this regard. By joining forces and acting together, we get to solutions that contribute to the development of the Amsterdam region.

As a member of our Board, Talitha is committed to the theme Meaningful work for everyone.

“Through its pluralistic composition, the Board of the Amsterdam Economic Board provides a broader- and multi-focus outlook on the major themes. That contributes to better trade-offs and choices.”