Yuri Sebregts

Executive Vice-President Technology and CTO / Member financial committee

Yuri Sebregts is Chief Technology Officer at Shell. This role includes a worldwide responsibility for Shell technology, which he fulfills from the Energy Transition Campus in Amsterdam.

The energy transition must remain at number 1, 2 and 3 on the agenda, says Yuri. It is the biggest challenge we face in our time and we can take a pioneering role in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. An intense collaboration between government, academia and business helps enormously. According to Yuri, it is very valuable to regularly discuss societal challenges from different angles among Board members. Shell looks from the business perspective and looks for a solution for cleaner air or climate change, for example. A not-for-profit institution sees very different solutions.

“The Board is the connector and brings parties together. It is important to hear and learn from a diversity of perspectives.”

Yuri Sebregts is involved in our initiatives Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics MRA (GDZESMRA) and High Impact Procurement. He is also a member of the financial committee.