Maarten Otto

CEO / Member of the Agenda Committee

Maarten Otto is CEO at energy network company Alliander. To Maarten, the energy, circular and digital transition are the most important themes for the Board. This requires close cooperation (with the members) within the Board. We should regularly discuss these themes and the associated actions and results and, where necessary, deepen them with each other: we came up with this, this has been achieved, this is not going well yet, these are the consequences. So that we can understand together who needs to take which steps to achieve the goals in the transition.

For Maarten it is important to go beyond merely discussing ambitions. Every member has to add something and help create. His motto: it’s not about what you have or who you are, it’s about what you add.

“The Board provides a platform for things that are going well or not. We have to realize that we are consciously or unconsciously part of a network/ecosystem in which we are mutually dependent on each other.”

Maarten Otto is involved with our initiatives: High Impact Procurement, LEAP and the Amsterdam Smart City program.