Jessica Peters-Hondelink new executive director

Per January 1st, 2024, Jessica Peters-Hondelink will start as the new executive director at the Amsterdam Economic Board. She talks about her background, experience, drives and motivation for this important role.

Jessica succeeds Nina Tellegen, who, after nearly eight years of tremendous commitment and great results, will move on to combine supervisory and intendant roles.

Jessica Peters-Hondelink | Amsterdam Economic Board

Jessica Peters-Hondelink

“I see wonderful things happening in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area,” says Jessica. “Since I was 18, I have lived and worked here and seen the region develop in cultural, economic and societal terms. I also see that the area is under pressure and prosperity has not yet reached everyone.

“Economic disparities are increasing. If we continue on the current course, growth will take its toll on the climate and the quality of life of future generations.

“With my energy, openness and problem-solving skills, I can bring parties together. That drives me. Together we can concretely contribute to a sustainable and just future, balancing growth and liveability.”

“I would like to undo what got stuck. Achieving concrete breakthroughs for a smart, green and healthy Metropolis of Tomorrow, through collective and courageous leadership.”

“The common thread in my working life has been: helping organisations achieve sustainable transformations from a shared vision of the future. At Nyenrode Business University, partners and I founded the ESG Innovation Institute. That builds a community of executives and talents from different companies and industries. With each other, they are learning how to integrate ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) into everything they do. They could never do that on their own. It is about taking joint responsibility and accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy and inclusive prosperity.

From intention to action

“Most directors I talk to are aware that climate change and social inequality will impact the future of their organisation. The intention to work together on these issues is there. But they often don’t know how to go from intention to action. The challenge lies in collective and courageous leadership. That requires a club that orchestrates this collaboration.

“Amsterdam Economic Board is pre-eminently the place from which regional coalitions with traction and implementation capacity can be formed to achieve concrete progress in these areas. By working together in a coalition, we can develop a shared vision and strategy and the breakthroughs needed for that progress. We need to see each other less as competitors and more as partners facing a common challenge.”

Focus and choices

“Focusing and making sharp choices on concrete issues is important, as far as I’m concerned. What kind of growth is justified and what will you invest in? How can we empower decision-making and organise it differently? I think it is important to move beyond the pilot phase and deploy successful initiatives structurally, with more parties and in more places.

“I am greatly looking forward to serving as executive director of the Amsterdam Economic Board from January 2024. A network that occupies a unique position amidst companies, academia governments and civil society organisations in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. With this, we can build new, surprising transition coalitions that truly achieve breakthroughs for the region, now and in the future.”

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12 October 2023

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