Contributing to a liveable region with data-driven innovations

Sales Engineer Dana Hakman provides technical advice at Dataiku on the strategic use of data science in the organization. She is also one of our new members of Young on Board: “I am interested in the relationship between residents of the region and tech. How do we work on more digital trust and how do we ensure that the tech labor market becomes interesting for a broader target group? ”

Why did you apply to Young on Board?

I applied at Young on Board because I would like to contribute to the region by thinking about the future of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. But also to meet new people, gain new perspectives and step out of my own bubble.

How do you look at the challenges the Board focuses on?

When I look at the challenges of the Board, Digital Connectivity and Talent for the Future  speak to me the most. I find it interesting to think about how data-driven innovations can make the region a more livable place. In terms of talent development, I think TechConnect a nice program. The current tech job market does not sufficiently represent the diversity of the city’s inhabitants, while the tech job market desperately needs every talent. How can we fill that gap?

What would you like to focus on within Young on Board?

I would like to work with the Board on an innovative climate in the Amsterdam region where there is room for both tech startups and unicorns. It is important that homegrown talent is sufficiently stimulated and that the region is at the same time a place for international talent.

How do you see the region in five years?

I see the region developing further as a breeding ground for creatives and technical development. In five years’ time, the city will have new success stories from home-grown tech companies. I see these companies not only becoming a commercial success, but also a reflection of the diversity that the city has. Organizations are increasingly focusing on the impact of their business operations on people and the climate. You can already see this trend at various tech companies, where more and more attention is being paid to, for example, the type of nutrition, sports and mental health in the workplace, but where attention is also paid to the footprint from the company.

What would you like to change?

The relationship between the city’s inhabitants and tech. Data-driven innovation, for example, often still arouses fear. Because how do we deal with privacy? And how do you gain confidence in using new technology? That the Board here with it manifesto Tada has already taken steps, is a good start. I would like to think along about how we as a region can deal with data more consciously and transparently.

How can we connect young changemakers even more to the network of the Board?

Having a good network is key for progress. On one side connecting is difficult at the moment because we cannot meet each other at offline events, on the other side it gives space to address a wider group of people online. There is now more space for short knowledge sessions that many participants can join. I see this as a breaking point that allows you to connect people who have difficulty connecting with each other offline.

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This is part 2 in a series of interviews with new Young on Board members. Curious about our other new members?

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6 August 2020

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