What is the role of the Amsterdam Economic Board?

The Amsterdam Economic Board initiates and accelerates cooperation (booster), builds and maintains networks (connector) and initiates networks on the topics of tomorrow (agenda-setter).

The organisation works with Board members, the members of the Network Council and other parties from the region on the smart, green and healthy metropolis of tomorrow.

Everyone’s part is crucial: businesses function as innovators and pioneers, academia and research institutions provide essential brainpower, and local authorities are indispensable as investors, regulators and buyers.

The starting point is always the mobilisation of energy, ownership and executive power within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Within our network, we are working to achieve our ambitions by focusing on concrete initiatives and programmes. That is the core of our work.

We drive promising initiatives in the region, which have the potential for further implementation and scaling up, with parties from our network taking the lead.

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