United Repair Centre

The United Repair Centre provides B2B clothing repair and re-commerce solutions for clothing and accessories. This initiative aims to create a movement with a positive impact on the environment and social employment.

The United Repair Center officially opened its doors on July 1, 2022, and has been repairing garments for Patagonia and others ever since. Advocating a different mindset: Repair is the new cool.

Listen to the podcast (in Dutch): Zo maken we de kledingindustrie duurzamer.

Why the United Repair Centre?

Many brands and retailers have gained experience in offering repair services. Few have managed to make this a permanent part of their activities. Especially since repair requires very specific knowledge and skills. That realisation kicked off the regional Green Deal Circular Textiles.

A shared repair centre could provide a lasting service due to greater scale. Thus reducing the growing negative impact of the textile industry.

The United Repair Centre (URC) repairs clothing for various brands. And provides employment opportunities for 100-150 refugees with a residence permit or people who otherwise would not easily find work until 2025. In September 2022, URC launched a training programme that will train 300 students as certified textile restorers over the next few years. They do this in partnership with House of Denim.

The foundation for the URC was laid by Makers Unite who already had a similar social enterprise for producing clothing locally. Patagonia was instrumental in bringing in their experience in repair. ROM InWest made a significant contribution in the first round of funding.

What we are working on

Results with the United Repair Centre

  • 13 FTE of which 7 are distanced from employment
  • Production capacity of 20,000 repairs per year

Join us

For more information and opportunities to contribute to the United Repair Centre, please contact Claire Teurlings, Lead Circular Economy.

This initiative is part of the Green Deal Circular Textiles.

Join us

Would your organisation also like to contribute to the United Repair Centre? For more information and to join us, please contact Claire Teurlings, Lead Circular Economy.

The United Repair Centre is part of the Green Deal Circular Textiles.

Claire Teurlings | Amsterdam Economic Board

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