House of Skills

With the House of Skills programme, we are working on creating an agile education and labour market that support the energy- and digital transition. We are focussed on creating more synergy, aligning with priorities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and aiming to achieve impact.

Who is House of Skills for?

House of Skills works closely with businesses, unions, education and governments.

Why this programme?

One of the great social issues of our time is the energy transition. This will require many more employees than are expected to become available in the next few years. Developments in technology and society are rapid and demand the utmost from employers and employees alike. Digital illiteracy requires accessible solutions for large groups of workers and job seekers. Innovation and renewal are essential in achieving major societal transitions in a historically tight labour market.

What do we do?

House of Skills, with its partners, is taking a leading role in increasing the influx of new construction and engineering employees, based on a skills-based approach and in a lifelong development (LLD) helping employers and employees reskill and upskill to have the right skills now and in the future.

In addition, we use lessons learned elsewhere to reduce labour shortages in socially relevant sectors. We make the labour market more inclusive, and identify systemic breakthroughs in the education and labour markets and how we can contribute to them.

Activities in 2023

  • Work to further deepen and spread the skills-based approach.
  • From our strength as a public-private organization, we work on lifelong development for all (potential) groups of workers. With this we increase the agility of the workforce. Our focus is on the energy and digital transition. Where possible, we use the talent development platform TOMAS.
  • Learning from successful labor market initiatives such as TechConnect. We are investigating whether we can use this approach in other major social tasks. We are also mapping out which system breakthroughs are needed in the education and labor market and how we can contribute to them.

Invitation to collaborate

As a partner, do you want to contribute to an education and job market which is more focused on skills? Read more about House of Skills and contact Programme Director Kim Hooiveld.


Kim Hooiveld | House of Skills | Amsterdam Economic Board

Programme Director
House of Skills

Communications Advisor
House of Skills



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