Tailwind for circular textiles

In the coming years, the collection of textiles in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will receive a major boost. The flywheel for this is the Green Deal Circular Textiles. In particular, the promotion of circular procurement of corporate clothing is given attention. Given the strength of the ecosystem in the MRA, the entire country can benefit from this booster role.

Hans Bon, director of Wieland Fibersort, embraces the region’s new textile direction. His company is already fully working with circular textiles, he said. “Wieland Textiles is actually an ordinary sorting company, but originated from an ideal. About fifteen years ago we saw an enormous amount of containers with textile waste all over the country. We have therefore developed a process to supply the industry with pure materials without buttons and zippers. that’s luckt.”

Wieland Fibersort focuses on the reuse of textiles, in the most ultimate form. “No dream is too crazy for us. We want to reuse literally every piece of clothing and every fiber. And for that we come up with exciting, new technical innovations. That makes us different from all other companies.” In so-called Fiber Farms, his company – the only one in the world – processes non-recyclable post-consumer textiles on a large scale into a valuable, fully circular raw material for the clothing industry. This results in a unique product: PCC (Post Consumer Clippings). “A pure, homogeneous and (yes!) traceable raw material for the textile manufacturing industry, extracted from apparently worthless waste. So it is possible.

Asked about the best development so far during the Sustainability summit 2021, Bon didn’t hesitate for a moment. “She is in the front row. Mrs. Van Veldhoven has written a fantastic textile note. It has given so much dynamism. Instead of us having to push, the textile world is now starting to pull on us.” Bon does have an urgent message to the MRA aldermen. “I would like to advise you to stop asking for money for the collection of textiles from residents, that would make a huge difference.

Read here what the Board does in the area of circular textiles and for circular workwear.

Watch the video about circular textiles (in Dutch) >

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Would you like to join the Circular Textile initiative or get in touch with Hans Bon from Wieland Fibresort? Please contact Claire Teurlings.

28 October 2021

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