Guidelines for circular procurement during MRA Sustainability Top

The cooperating authorities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the Amsterdam Economic Board have taken an important step towards the ambition to make their procurement circular in steps from 2020. During the second MRA Sustainability Top, 'guidelines' were presented for the circular procurement of three packages: asphalt and concrete, catering and office furnishings.

Roadmap Circular Procurement

The guidelines for the MRA governments are an elaboration of the previously established ones Roadmap Circular Procurement . This formulates the ambition to work towards 100% circular procurement in steps. Together, the authorities in the region are good for a purchasing volume of around € 4 billion per year. By joining forces, they send a powerful signal to the market.

Jan Hoek, alderman in Almere and in an MRA context, the manager of the circular economy theme, handed over a guide to asphalt and concrete Jacqueline Cramer , member of the Amsterdam Economic Board and chairman of the national Concrete Agreement.

National Concrete Agreement

Jacqueline Cramer welcomed the regional initiative:

“Fantastic. This guide for provinces and municipalities is very good. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is the first large region in the country to have made such a guide. It would be great if all authorities in the region now also sign the Concrete Agreement.”

This agreement contains national agreements with the entire concrete chain for sustainable growth of the sector. The share of concrete in purchasing from governments is very large.

High Impact Procurement

Do you also want to opt for the fairer and more sustainable alternative when purchasing? Then join the movement High Impact Procurement at the Board, which includes the purchasing of circular products and services. For example, the Board is currently working with partners on a Roadmap for circular procurement for companies. Read more about where you can join here.

If you want to know more, please contact Claire Teurlings .

MRA Green Deal | Sustainable from the Crisis

Nina Tellegen, Managing Director of the Board emphasized the importance of taking joint action – especially in this time of crisis – to take concrete steps to emerge from the crisis in a sustainable way. The Board is currently working with governments, businesses and knowledge institutions in the region on several initiatives such as circular textiles, job engines and sustainable business parks in order to arrive at a step-by-step plan for the next 3 years aimed at sustainable recovery and employment. For more information click here .

30 October 2020

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