“Circular thinking is essential in the creative sector”

Art and culture program maker Ewa Scheifes is one of the new members of Young on Board: "I want to connect the diverse networks of Young on Board and the Board itself as much as possible during program sessions in order to gain new insights and collaborations."

How would your friends describe you in 1 sentence?

Ewa has a positive attitude, sees possibilities almost everywhere and likes to understand situations, people and problems. And prefers to dance anywhere, anytime.

Why did you apply to Young on Board?

In Young on Board I see a great opportunity to shine a new light on metropolitan issues from the creative sector and my network and to tackle relevant topics for the city and region together with the other members – who come from completely different fields. I look forward to setting up great projects together, talking to each other and being able to learn from each other’s expertise and ideas.

How do you look at the challenges the Board focuses on?

As a lover of architecture, design and fashion, the challenge Circular Economy  draws me the most, as great green steps are being made within these creative disciplines. Think of processing textile waste into new raw materials and demountable construction with sustainable materials. From the creative sector it is essential that circular thinking is woven into the curriculum. Not as an elective, but as a logical starting point. It manifest ‘Circular & Education ‘, initiated by the Board, is a good example: the signatories, with Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) as one of the frontrunners, commit to embedding the circular ideology in their education and research. Hopefully there will be a sequel soon, in which they share how they do this in practice so that others can learn from it.

What would you like to change?

From a social point of view, I am very impressed with the movement that is currently going on around the Black Lives Matter movement. I hope that we can go to a conversation in which the presence of institutional racism is not a debate in itself, but is accepted as fact. From there we can look for ways of education and connection through exchange, curriculum and personal stories. The region has a lot to gain from more inclusivity and better utilization of the talent that is available, but is not always given the opportunity.

How can we connect young changemakers even more to the network of the Board?

By sharing the inspiring lessons and ideas from all the brainstorming sessions, events and conversations that take place behind the screen even more. Awesome sessions are taking place with special experts, and it would be great to spread this knowledge and get an even larger group to see the work of the Board. Furthermore, most sessions with changemakers are now by invitation. Brainstorming sessions that work with an open call may well attract a new, as yet unknown load of changemakers that bring different perspectives.

How do we get out of the corona crisis sustainably?

A group of creatives is the initiative Right Later started, a creative platform that makes it easier (and more fun) to keep your good intentions, habits or insights. The crisis is no fun, but it also brings beautiful things and it would be a shame if we quickly forget the new insights we have in the daily rollercoaster. You can sign up, pass on the good new habit you want to keep, and you’ll get a reminder, a reminder artwork, from an artist every now and then. A great example of the impact of art & creativity, not necessarily in a museum or theater, but on a small scale and close by in our daily life.

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27 July 2020

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