Amsterdam Blockchain City

Blockchain technology is expected to become leading in the economy. The Amsterdam Economic Board believes it is important for companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area to have easy access and make use of this technology.

Results with Amsterdam Blockchain City

Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change and improve our society and economy. This is reflected by the many startups, pilot projects, university courses and positive legal developments already present in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. With this initiative, the Amsterdam Economic Board explored the willingness of parties to strengthen each other around blockchain. To this end, we have organised several meetups.

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The interview with community member Jonathan Knegtels, founder of blockchain startup Blockdata, appeared in 2018. In 2022, Knegtels sold his business to a company in New York City. “The contacts I made through the Amsterdam Economic Board were invaluable in the development of Blockdata and its eventual sale!”

Role of the Amsterdam Economic Board

Initiate, connect, drive, execute