• State of the Region
  • Talent for the future
  • On June 20th, we will announce the ‘TechConnect’ action programme during State of the Region, a large regional event that presents a view of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) in 2025. State of the Region is an important part of the multi-day innovation festival WeMakeThe.City.

    To maintain and improve its competitive position and to ensure diversity within the tech scene, the AMA insists in the importance of directing talent towards tech, which has proven to be the fastest growing work field over the past few years. In the coming years, we will require tens of thousands of coders, data analysts, growth hackers, AI experts and tech-support officers.

    This is why the Amsterdam Economic Board together with diverse stakeholders in the field, announce TechConnect – the action programme that will address the mismatch between labour market demand and supply in the AMA tech sector in the next four years. The programme’s objective is to conduct and control the many initiatives that aim to educate and employ people in tech, by activating more societal groups towards tech and helping the initiatives scale.

    By focusing on TechConnect, we make sure the AMA tech ecosystem can grow inclusively, that more people will start working in tech, and that in the future, our work force will be sufficiently digitally-skilled.

    Call for partners

    If your organisation is located in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and experiences a continuous demand for tech staff, or you want to learn how to get the right tech skills into your organisation, then we ask you to join TechConnect. During the event on June 20th, the programme will be announced, the first initiatives will be presented and we will show you how you can be of added value to the programme and connect you to relevant experts in the tech ecosystem.

    Preliminary Program

    • Network lunch: You will be introduced to important stakeholders in the tech, talent acquisition and education ecosystem.
    • Introduction to TechConnect and presentation of initiatives – Viktor Bos, Challenge Lead Jobs of the Future Amsterdam Economic Board and Ruben Nieuwenhuis, Director TechConnect, private lead.
    • Find the initiatives that match your organisation: across the location you will find more information about the different initiatives.

    Who are already part of TechConnect?

    StartupAmsterdam (co-initiator TechConnect), BIT Students, Economic Affairs City of Amsterdam, cities within Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, ING, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, University of Amsterdam, Booking, TomTom, Conclusion, Growth Tribe, BSSA, Codaisseur, IFDN / European Leadership University.