IJkje Clotscher | Amsterdam Economic Board

IJkje Clotscher

Operations Manager

Amsterdam Economic Board

Focus: Supporting people, projects and processes

For IJkje, distinguishing main and secondary issues lays a foundation for maintaining good overview. As does zooming out of automatism at the right times. The assignment or intentions are always the starting point. Being curious, looking for the question behind the question and, above all, being aware of the interests at stake, your own and others’.

Together with team Staff colleagues, IJkje makes sure that employees can do their jobs efficiently and effectively. They support programmes, processes and initiatives. At the Amsterdam Economic Board is where all comes together: connecting, boosting, focusing on opportunities and possibilities to achieve results on topics that actually matter.

“If you feel that matters aren’t progressing as they should, it might help to ask: why do we do the things we do?”

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