Accelerating ongoing sustainable initiatives

On 2 December, the first results were presented for a number of themes within the Green Deal Sustainable out of the crisis - on which the Board is working with partners - during the 'State of the Region' event. The aim is to accelerate current initiatives in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in a short period of time. The reset of the current pandemic provides scope for making sustainable choices.

Green Deals | Four themes

Interesting coalitions have emerged or existing coalitions have been strengthened of parties that want to focus on 4 themes:

  • Bicycle hotspot MRA : the comfort of the car… with the pleasure of the bike
  • Circular Textile : a circular textile industry causes less environmental impact and creates extra employment
  • Technical talent & sustainable jobs : help people from work to work by joining forces
  • New-build houses made of wood : housing production to 20% in circular timber construction

Investing & employment

The starting point is that concrete investment propositions are developed for various themes or other firm agreements are made for employment and a smart, green and healthy region.

Concrete actions

The ambitions are high. For example, the first online meeting was held for the cycling metropolis to agree on how to put the bicycle at the center of the sustainable recovery of the region and to prepare concrete actions. online tool developed to make talent initiatives in the region visible and findable & matching can take place between supply and demand, the textile chain is working on, among other things, a strong ecosystem of parties that know each other (meet-up third week of April) and start working together on various subjects and the advantages of new-build houses made of wood are becoming increasingly visible; timber construction, for example, is a sustainable solution for the pressure on housing construction.


The future of timber construction – AT5

1 in 5 homes in wood – Parool

No more textiles in the trash can – Look at Groot Amsterdam

Would you like to know more or join? Click here for more information: Green Deals Sustainable from the Crisis


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