Together we invest in the Amsterdam metropolis

The assignment: clearly identify the investments needed in the transition to a smart, green and healthy metropolis of tomorrow. Birch – a research and consulting firm for the public sector – was commissioned by the Amsterdam Economic Board and the MRA Directie to find answers.

The starting point of this report is the eight investment themes from the Transitieversneller (transition accelerator, Dutch pdf), a document the Amsterdam Economic Board and the Metropoolregio Amsterdam used to draw up the investment agenda of the latter in June 2022.

The themes build on the strengths of our region and are in line with the financial opportunities and goals from governments in The Hague and Brussels. For example, as partners in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, we are jointly committed to investing in health and prevention to reduce rising healthcare costs, workforce shortages and health disparities. And to investing in hydrogen as a green energy carrier. In which, in addition to investments in energy infrastructure, investments in talent and innovation contribute to accelerating the transition to hydrogen. Combined, the investment plans are a promise to the region, but also an offer and invitation to the state.

Please read the full article (and find the Birch report as a download) in Dutch.

17 July 2023

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