Interxion starts collaboration with IT and tech study guide

In the race against the growing shortage of people in the data center sector, data center provider 'Interxion: A Digital Realty Company' is starting a collaboration with IT and tech study guide ''. The advancing digitizing society, partly prompted by the increasingly concrete application of innovative technologies such as AI, machine learning and the increasing use of cloud services due to the extensive use of teleworking, ensures that the data center industry is growing by 10 to 15 percent annually. This also increases the demand for tech talent for innovation, operation and maintenance. The sector is growing from 12,800 jobs in 2019, expected to reach 16,800 in 2024. This growth will be accompanied by an increasing shortage of more than 1,000 people, expected by 2024. With the collaboration, Interxion wants to actively influence the enthusiasm, find, recruit and train new tech talent.

IT and tech study guide ‘ ”, part of incubator ‘ TechConnect ‘ of the Amsterdam Economic Board, responds to the growth of tech and IT and the demand from data centers for talent. The study guide helps high school students, students and retrains to discover their ideal tech profile with (online) workshops, IT career orientation training, vlogs on YouTube and online assessments. Through inspiration, orientation and activation, shows the potential of both tech jobs and IT studies.

Leverage future tech talent

Want to cooperate with Interxion and Tekkie will increase accessibility to the data center world and provide insights into the types of jobs and employment for future tech talent in this growing industry. The involvement and knowledge of Interxion can give tech talent a better picture of a data center and its career opportunities. Melissa Scholten, Marketing & Communications Executive at Interxion: “As a data center provider with Dutch roots, we are happy to contribute to this initiative. By opening our doors, we want to appeal to talent and change the closed image of a data center. With this partnership we offer a nice addition to the current profiles that TekkieWorden already offers via the platform with a career combination between IT and technology. ”

“ is intended for anyone who wants to orientate themselves on IT studies, IT retraining and the tech labor market. Precisely because this IT market is broad and diverse, wants to help potential talent choose a direction by unlocking the right information and thus providing the IT labor market with new and diverse talent. Anyone can get started in tech, even if you are still inexperienced. At you will discover which profession suits you and where you learn the right skills ”, says Floor Vink, Managing Director at

About TekkieWorden

TekkieWorden is the Netherlands’ largest guide to working and studying in tech. TekkieWorden wants to make the potential of tech jobs and IT studies visible and accessible to everyone and is committed to activating people of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels of thinking and working towards IT. TekkieWorden is an initiative of TechConnect from the Amsterdam Economic Board, which is supported by Rabobank,, TomTom and training fund CA-ICT. TekkieWorden actively cooperates with the Municipality of Amsterdam, Municipality of Almere, Municipality of Utrecht, Economic Board South Holland and is supported by Rabo Foundation and Doghouse Recruitment.

About Interxion

Interxion: A Digital Realty Company , a leading provider of cloud and carrier neutral data center services in Europe. With more than 100 data centers spread across 13 countries in Europe, Interxion provides access to connectivity, cloud and content hubs and is thus deeply involved in the development and management of data centers, as well as in finding, recruiting and energizing IT talent.

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2 March 2021

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