How do we apply AI technology in practice?

The official launch of the AUAS Expertise Center Applied AI took place on Thursday 5 November. With this, the university of applied sciences invests in the development of research and education of applied AI within all domains and disciplines. Nina Tellegen, director of the Board, was present at the opening: "Not everyone needs to become an AI expert, but you should all know much better what AI actually does and what it means to you."

Responsible handling of data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science are penetrating all capillaries of society. There is a lot of data available and we can already do a lot with the technologies, but how can we apply AI in practice and how do we do this in a responsible manner? At the Amsterdam Economic Board, we work hard to develop responsible AI technologies. For example, within the partnership “AI technology for people” we focus on setting up research programs, attracting top scientists and training students.

We do not lose sight of our privacy. Because many problems can perhaps be solved with data and new technologies, but how does our privacy remain intact? How do we create a secure digital society that benefits everyone? In the manifest ‘tada – clear about data’ contains values that should apply in a digitally responsible cities.

AUAS Expertise Center Applied AI

Structural and close cooperation is needed between education, research, industry and civil society organizations. Together we develop Artificial Intelligence that is responsible and inclusive. With the Expertise Center Applied AI, the AUAS brings scientific AI technology into practice.

Watch the launch of the AUAS Expertise Center Applied AI and hear about the importance of AI applications. From 32 minutes on, Nina Tellegen talks about the link of AI with the work of the Amsterdam Economic Board. Note that video is in Dutch.

11 November 2020

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