Coalitions launched: together sustainably from the crisis

Companies, knowledge and educational institutions and governments in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area are preparing for important and joint steps towards a more circular approach to textiles, strengthening the position of the region as a bicycle hotspot, many more new-build houses made of wood and more technical talent in sustainable jobs. As a result, we invest faster and more effectively in the economy of today and tomorrow. The aim is to create jobs in the short term, to fill existing vacancies and to achieve greater well-being and prosperity in the long term.

Green Deals Sustainable from the crisis

Various parties are joining forces to take current initiatives in the region a step further in a short time and to work towards Green Deals. The starting point is to develop concrete investment propositions for various themes or to make firm agreements that will create jobs in the short term and generate more prosperity in the long term.

Circular Textile

Within the Green Deals Circular Textiles, various parties are committed to the ambition to arrive at a more circular approach to textiles in the coming three years. A circular textile industry causes less environmental impact and creates extra employment. This means developing circular collections, longer use, repair and regional reprocessing into new yarns.

Technical talent and inflow of sustainable jobs

COVID 19 will create extra supply on the labor market. This creates a unique opportunity for more influx into technical and sustainable jobs. Many parties are already working on this and are working on career paths from work-to-work for lateral entrants, partly on the basis of skills, retraining of MBO students to technology, training of hybrid teachers, making possible the temporary relocation of technical staff and new shortened and modular vocational training. The strength can be increased by combining forces.

Housing production to 20% in circular timber construction

In order to add new homes faster and more sustainably, parties in the MRA are working towards a Deal that will result in at least 20% of housing production being exported from wood from 2025. This results in an annual reduction of approximately 220,000 tons of CO2 (equivalent to the average emissions of 22,000 households), a significant reduction in nitrogen emissions and between 1,750 and 3,700 new jobs.

Bicycle hotspot MRA

The comfort of the car… with the pleasure of the bike. Bicycle accelerator that leads to growth of the economy, employment and a vital population. Companies, knowledge institutions and governments work closely together to remain the international cycling metropolis. The aim is to develop innovative integrated services and services at the neighborhood, city and regional level.

State of the Region

On December 2, during the ‘State of the Region’ event, the first results of the Green Deals Sustainable from the crisis were presented for a number of themes. For the report of State of the Region and the speech by Femke Halsema, mayor of Amsterdam, click here .

Round table meetings

The efforts made in recent months on the various themes will be continued in the coming period. Round table meetings will be organized per theme in December 2020 and January 2021 to make agreements about the follow-up. New parties are welcome to join.

Within the Green Deals Circular Textile various parties express their intentions on December 14 to work towards a circular approach to textiles over the next three years.

Knowing more?

For more information about the themes and how to join, click here.

4 December 2020

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